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Tennis is a game that is played almost fanatically all over the world. It basically originated in Europe and is now a recognized sport even in the Olympics. It is a hugely popular sport enjoyed by young and old alike. For optimum level of playing, you need to have tennis equipment that suits you.

There are many Brands available in the Tennis Equipment range and this is where Wilson Tennis comes in as they are one of the biggest names in the industry. The company traces its roots to the Schwarzschild & Sulzberger meatpacking company (later changed to Sulzberger & Son’s) based in New York, that operated meat packing slaughterhouses.

Sulzberger & Son’s founded the Ashland Manufacturing Company in 1913 to use animal by-products from its slaughterhouses. It started out making tennis racket strings, violin strings, and surgical sutures but soon expanded into baseball shoes and tennis racquets. In 1931, it renamed itself Wilson Sporting Goods Company.

After the war, Wilson focused on tennis and signed Jack Kramer, who developed its line of Jack Kramer signed tennis rackets. Icley died in 1950 but the company continued to expand with many believing that Icely’s introduction of a computer to monitor inventory had been a huge help.

Wilson Tennis Today – Wilson is a major manufacturer of tennis rackets. The original kevlar Pro Staff model racket, known for its use by Pete Sampras, was heavy (more than 350g strung) and small-headed (85 sq. in.); Roger Federer also used the same racket model. As of 2015, he uses the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph model that is heavy (340 g/12 oz unstrung) and larger (97 sq. in.).

Jim Courier and Stefan Edberg also used the Pro Staff Original, Edberg later switching to the Pro Staff Classic in 1991, which was the same racket (85 sq. in. with slightly rounded frame edges) but with different paint work. In late 2009, Wilson unveiled their latest line of rackets, codenamed 20x, which they would later rename BLX. This line directly replaces their previous K-Factor series with all new technologies. Also, many pros use custom-made rackets that perform differently from the mass-produced versions.

The Wilson tennis rackets are preferred by professionals and leisure players alike because of their lightness and durability. The rackets are very well-known for their unique style and designing and they have also gained quite a standing and status in the world of manufacturing, advertising and marketing alike.

Originally, the rackets were constructed with different types of woods like ash, oak and maple. These woods differed in their flexibility and strength and therefore made for a variety of rackets. To improve the durability and suppleness of the rackets, strips and layers of wood were bound together to give a slightly different feel.

Aside from tennis rackets, the Wilson sporting goods company also makes tennis balls (including the official balls of the Australian Open and US Open major championships), shoes, strings, clothes, and racquet bags – backpacks.

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